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All you need is proper clothing, boots and insurance for a time spent in nature and good mood for adventure.
Beverages (tea, coffee) in thermos, appropriate amount of food and chocolate bars are recommended for trips.
Please check all available dates in our Calendar.

Bear information tour
We offer one-day hike with information about European brown bears for visitors of Tatras and surrounded areas with chance of wildlife observation.

Bear watch
Come with us to observe the natural habitat of bears and other species of High Tatra’s wildlife.

Tatra foothill wildlife
Walking trip about wild animals and their life in beautiful area under High Tatras .

Winter Tracking
Learn to track large carnivores and other Slovak wildlife in winter conditions.

Wildlife of Liptov region
Come with us to learn about wild animals and animal signs in Liptov with observation possibilities.

Chamois and Marmot
Observation of all-year protected species in the Slovak alpine areas.

Wolf Tour
One-day hike with information about grey wolves with the possibility of observing wild animals.

The Pearl of Western Tatras
A day trip in a beautiful environment combined with observation and interpretation.

Red Deer Rut
Listening and observation. Bellow of Red Deer males to attract females.

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